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Marlo & Natz Engagement Video

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

My one and only brother is not only about to become a father, but he’s also about to become a husband - and I was there to capture the moment she said yes ❤️

Thankfully, it’s not unusual for me to show up to places without my cameras. So when my brother asked me to help record the moment he proposed to his soon to be wife Natz, we made a plan. He told her I wanted to take some photos of them with my new camera to test the kit out in one of my brothers favourite places. Now, Natz is pregnant and doesn’t always feel up to trecking through rivers for a walk - but she’s a real champ and didn’t mind because she loves the outdoors - something she and my brother share- so my brother helped her cross the river, hand in hand.

Being there to witness and capture such an intimate, honest and authentic moment between two people is so incredibly special but even more so when it’s for your one and only sibling. I am so proud of the man you are Marlo, and I am so happy you found love in a caring, kind, beautiful woman like Natz. Thank for you trusting me to document this moment ❤️ by the way - she is drinking non alcoholic Prosecco 😉

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